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Welcome to the Third Eye Expressions Blog!

Blog #1

Welcome fellow human!

You've stumbled on the part of the website where, I hope, it can bring more learning, awareness, and inspiration.

What will this blog discuss?

For starters, I have a lot of hobbies! One of my goals through this blog are to share those in a helpful/community building way. Are you interested in art projects, gardening, cooking, dance? I plan to use my main hobbies to show you into my world, and hopefully discuss/get feedback from the community. Maybe you have a tip to add! I want this to be a community experience to promote growth and awareness. I want to help inspire our most human qualities, or help be a guide to it, because I think everyone needs a little cooking, art, and dance in their lives. Some people just don't know how to start or don't have the confidence.

Maybe they think they could never be that... do that .... well I'm here to say I never thought I could be an artist because I wasn't "good enough".

I still struggle with my identity as one.

So, what do I say to those thoughts?

Absolutely not.

You are a capable, shining individual. Sometimes you just have to dust yourself off and polish up to get back on track. Let's do this together and have some fun!

Stay Tuned

Everything is so new! It might take a little time, but I will post updates on my socials when new blogs are out and ready to read! I will use as many photos as possible or videos to help you learn more about art, cooking, gardening, and dancing! Don't miss out on all the fun and stay tuned to the page @Third Eye Expressions.

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