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5 Self-Help Tips to Stay Afloat When Your Metaphorical Ship is Sinking

Self-help tips on how to stay afloat when you feel hopeless, lost, heartbroken, or manic.

If feelings of suicide, please contact 988 for assistance. You are LOVED.

Man paddling a boat trying to stay afloat on the water

Let's face it, a lot of us struggle with self-care, self-maintenance, self-love.... whatever you call it, it carries immense value to us in order to regulate our emotional needs. Think of your human vessel as a ship. If you do not take care of it, especially after rough blows, it will slowly start to sink. In order to stay afloat we must take care of this vessel and ensure our safety. What can we do to ensure we stay sailing? I've found some self-help tips though my biggest battles personally. Being in a desperate situation struggling for support is one of the hardest positions to be in. When we have feelings of hopelessness, heartbreak, anxiousness, etc., then it can be very difficult to help ourselves.

Fear not! Here is a quick guide to start supporting yourself in general or to slowly pull yourself out of hard spots. Let's let our true selves set sail.

Tip #1 - Self-Love Time!

Connect with yourself Queen (or King!)

  • Have a bubble bath (add herbs and crystals if you're spicy)

  • Make your favorite meal or snack; Making a meal for ourselves is a great way to make space for self-love. We are caring for our bodies and the delights of our soul.

  • Write in a journal. This helps you connect to your authentic self and develop a better narrative in your head. Answer deep questions that you find and discuss your deepest pains on paper. Burn the paper if you must, officially releasing and letting go of that energy.

  • Let your inner child out! What did you do as a kid, or didn't get to do? Play with Legos, video games, explore nature, play with your own children and pets! Basically, be present and have fun. Connect to your goofy, wild side.

Tip #2 - Connect with Nature/Ground

Take some time to connect with Mother Nature. This helps boost your emotions, immune systems, regulate blood pressure, and gives you the perfect exercise to connect with your body. I did this consistently while grieving the loss of my loved one, it helped regulate some of my most challenging emotions.

  • Go for a walk, bike ride, or go running on nature trails. Check out the Alltrails app or Google Maps to find the perfect nature scene for you.

  • Sit with your feet in the sand on a beach or connect. Feeling brave? Take those shoes off and ground barefoot on the grass! Look up all the natural benefits of going barefoot and feel them work for you.

  • Go for a drive! If you feel lethargic from depression, at least pick a scenic location to drive. You won't regret it. Better yet, grab your favorite meal or snack and enjoy it with you on the ride! Blast those tunes to help boost dopamine and serotonin.

"Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher" – William Wordsworth

Tip #3 - Self-Help Books Baby!

This one has given me many Eureka! moments when it came to battling self-limiting beliefs and illusions. Also, reading is a form of meditation! When you read, you meditate, and when you are digesting positive information for change, it can have a huge impact on our egos and reality. Start delving into your inner world!

Check out these books to dive deeper into the psyche:

  • Coming Home to Yourself - Osho

coming home to yourself osho

  • Siddhartha - Hermann Hesse

budda siddhartha

  • Atomic Habits - James Clear

Atomic habits james clear

  • The Tao of Pooh and The Te of Piglet - Benjamin Hoff

The tao of pooh and the te of piglet benjamin hoffman

Tip #4 - Practice some Art form!

To connect our mind and body, art is essential in our day to day.

What do you love to do? What are you passionate about? There are art forms of all kinds.

We need to practice art to release emotions, creativity, problem solving, and so much more. Try out these art forms to get you inspired, moving, and feeling fiery!

  • Dance, get in your body by moving even if it's silly.

  • Try different mediums in painting (Watercolor, acrylic, oil paint, digital art)

  • Try 3d art like polymer clay sculpting, knitting, crocheting, building Legos, resin art, and much more!

  • Music! Sound healing, learning an instrument, being in a band, joining a drum circle, and just playing with music is a great doorway to explore your inner world! Don't be afraid to explore yourself.

Start expressing yourself!

Tip #5 - Get Out in the World/Connect

When we can, we should make time to connect with others. This boosts oxytocin (the love chemical) which can alleviate symptoms of depression and have other impactful benefits. Try going out and connect by:

  • checking out live music

  • going to art and craft shows

  • going to festivals (small festivals if you are often anxious)

  • Volunteer in your community with events, festivals, and humanitarian causes

  • invite people over for dinner, this is very fun and intimate for those needing to get back to connecting with loved ones! Those depression spells take a toll.


Snap a pic of what you need and start implementing these tips today. But remember, one step at a time. Go by sections and one at a time if you need to! Consistent progress is better than inconsistent progress, so as long as you take one step a day, it will change your situation and will soon begin to change your life.

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